The five years of so that I have been a member of LinkedIn I have received no less than 3,225 email notifications from this social media provider even though I had purposefully elected to receive NO notifications at all from LinkedIn using their personal account profile tool.

That is 124 pages of 25 emails per page that I have in my Gmail facility.

To extract myself from this invasion of privacy and countless breaches of my time spent responding to ‘nudges’ and ‘notifications’ I still had to spend over an hour configuring the account through hidden settings to remove the account.

First of all it was the pleading and begging that if I closed my account I would cut off my contact with 1342 connections and a number of the more prominent contact points named.

With the opportunity to indicate why I am deleting my account I thought long and hard about what it is about LinkedIn that I emphatically disagree with and wrote it out plainly for them to of course go and analyse.

To make the best use of my professional life it will occur not locked into this waste of time and space

#GAN artist, #NFT philanthropist, @oethica principal, he/him/Dr

#GAN artist, #NFT philanthropist, @oethica principal, he/him/Dr