‘The Kedar guard mount their steeds and ride to the border’ — GAN & NFT in Foundation.

“… A great plague has been ravaging the kingdom of Kedar. Many people have died, but many more have gained the magical powers granted by Ataros, mother-earth. The Emperor, Silas has sealed the borders of Kedar and is purportedly trying to find a cure, but rumors say something more sinister is happening.

The plague is spreading and nobody knows who is responsible. Brutus, Commander of a company of elite fighters known as the Kedar Guard is ordered by Silas to investigate the rumors.

“Noble people … we are under attack from all sides. The Emperor has closed off all roads out of the kingdom so we must now find a way to reach Sonarus and find out whether they are responsible for this.” Brutus says.

“The Kedar Guard has never been summoned before. We have no idea what we might encounter,” you reply. “We will leave at once.”

Gathering weapons and food the remaining Kedar mount their dragon steeds and prepare to leave. “Here comes the Kedar Guard!” someone shouts.

Brutus mounts his magnificent steed. His armor glitters in the morning sun and what little flesh can be seen his muscles ripple in the sunlight. With a final glance, he and the other members of the Kedar Guard mount their steeds and ride for the border.

This is a barren part of the country and there are known hordes of goblins who set their ambush traps in these parts. As the company rides past the first goblinoid creature, it snarls at them. The goblin leaps onto one of the Kedar’s horses and attacks, but the Kedar Guard dismounts and slashes the goblin with his sword.

Brutus sees up ahead massive gates mounted in high stone walls guarded by Schrepin, the feared winged dragons who have pledged their allegiance to protect the Kedar nation from the ravaging goblin masses. As you ride by, you happen to catch sight of the massive gates, which are indeed guarded by Schrepin. The winged dragon gives a cry of challenge and glides down to the level of your horse.

“Warrior, fear not like the day is bright, these winged beasts are gentle as steeds are familiar to our people.”

Despite the assurance from Brutus you dismount your horse and draw your sword, awaiting the attack. The dragon flaps his great wings and lands with a sudden rush of air causing you to be unsteady on your feet. A light film of moisture coats the creature’s wing. It’s so light you can actually peel the moisture off with your bare hands.

“Odd … we were told Schrepin’s were dry and scaly monsters as children and yet in reality they are very much like us.”

The winged dragon lets out a high-pitched squeal and flaps its wings powerfully. Flames shoot out of its mouth and burst into a powerful conflagration. Brutus holds up his sword and commands the dragon to stop and listen to his reasons for seeking safe passage through the border lock and onto the black sandy plains that lead to Sonarus.

The creature flaps its wings and screeches with its beady eyes burning bright and flings itself into the air. Brutus says “We have our passage passes from the Emporer approved.”

The winged dragon rears his head back and laughs. The laughter brings forth a host of other dragons. They appear out of the dust and come towards Brutus.

They decide to enter a pact together. Another layer to the enduring Kedar Guards is spawned which will become folklore when the plague source was located and eradicated. Sansho King Goblin will no longer threaten the kingdom of Kedar thanks to the bravery of Brutus and his loyal Schrepin dragon mares.



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