February 26, 2018.

Email correspondence. [ * xxxxxxx denotes change of details ]

“…I am sharing this with you all as it is beyond comprehension that the following could have occurred…but it did.

Today the XXXXXXX Church called me via one of their contract psychologists on my mobile phone. I asked him to return my call an hour later as I was busy.

In the meantime I composed a response to his request to discuss compensation figures in lieu of the Churches dereliction of duty of care to protect me as a teenager. I called back and asked the psychologist for his direct email address stating that I am choosing to engage in the process electronically until such time as my court case has secured a conviction and that my ‘victim impact statement’ (survivor) had been delivered in an Australian Court of Law.

He provided me (to my shock and horror) the following email address —

As I wrote it down on a piece of paper with a pen it read back to me as -




Artist. He, him, Dr.

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