Falling Down

Image: Alexander Hayes

I don't ever recall purchasing and being given a burger that in anyway resembled the glossy, fully formed and ‘nutritious’ depiction on advertising in shop or on my phone.

What does strike me though now, years later after consuming this rubbish is that similar to William Foster, a divorced and unemployed former defense engineer I too object to the dishonest and poorly created form of ‘food’ that we are presented. In the film Falling Down (1993) Michael Douglas stars as a disaffected man, William Foster “…trying to reach the house of his estranged ex-wife in time for his daughter’s birthday party.”

The scene which grabs my minds-eye and long term memory attention the most is Foster’s encounter in a fast food chain shop demanding a burger that is exactly as it is depicted in the bill board and venue advertising of the venue.

Sadly, nothing much has changed in 21 years and to be honest, this automation of sugar-posing -as-food has declined but not so far as to disappear, yet. Perhaps in my own sardonic way, life's trivial and provocative observations point at the milieu we now have come to expect from placeless corporations and corrupt governments.

The closer we look into the back rooms of these commercial giants the deeper we see the complicit contributions they are making to poverty through automated and economic rationalism, saccharine coated as development and progress.




Artist. He, him, Dr.

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Alexander Hayes

Alexander Hayes

Artist. He, him, Dr.

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