Artist. He, him, Dr.

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Alexander Hayes

Alexander Hayes

Artist. He, him, Dr.

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Pic 1: An Asian woman working as a barista with a beanie on and short blonde hair. Pic 2: An Asian couple: the woman is staring fondly at the man as they’re in an alley. Pic 3: A girl is drinking a boba drink. Pic 4: A well dressed Asian man with glasses on wearing a sweater, the sleeves folded up to his elbow. Pic 5: An Asian couple sitting in a car with drinks in their hands as they’re laughing together. Pic 6: A car with three Asian people, laughing. Pic 7: An Asian woman sitting at a table.

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NewPanYorkDemic 2051 has been self-published in my e-book “The Eclectic Reflections of Patrick…