Anti-social media is steadily bringing about change for humanity which is likely to end in a nasty revolt. Here are some reasons why Facebook, Snapchat and other related ‘bad actors’ are losing their grip on our lives.

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Axis of Access

Law enforcement agencies can only enforce change using existing regulatory frameworks derivative of decades old policy handed through from government led inquiry. Given that governments largely serve themselves, access to data that could incriminate ‘bad actors’ in current social media platforms is denied on the democratic principle of privacy.

The paradox being that in the previous two sentences, anti-social media have the answer as to what your Daughter was doing in the last few minutes of her life before she suicided. They also have the answers as to where your Daughter’s friend was the year before when he sexually assaulted your Daughter.

In fact, that anti-social media platform knows more about your Daughter than you ever did.

Facebook had access to all of your Daughter’s contacts and whereabouts and knew by its own algorithms when your Daughter was ‘tipping over the edge’ and judging by her shift in life patterns, knew also what drugs she was taking at the time, where she was getting them from and how many times she had threatened to suicide as expressed to her peers.


Facebook has recently claimed it was acting in the best interests of humanity by switching to a ‘privacy’ oriented development schedule to counteract its own bad actors. Many millions of critics claim Facebook itself is in fact the bad actor across the Internet due to its wilful disregard and ‘designed lack of conscience’ in its bid to conquer it’s second trillion dollar target.

Privacy is different to each and every human in the world and it was the same for your Daughter. When you reluctantly gave over to your Daughter owning a smartphone at the age of 12 without Internet restrictions, the only recourse you had for her new obsession was to ban the phone at the dinner table, then in the sanctuary of her bedroom you violated her privacy by demanding you had access to what it was she was looking at on her wearable computer — the phone.

Well, Facebook and Snapchat had an answer for that too. By wilful design they created the ‘snap’, a disappearing trove of messages whether as a video, photo or text message that disappeared from your Daughters phone only to be seen by those who received it. When the Police eventually got your daughters phone and rounded up all those closest to her and got a hold of their phones too they found as you would guess — nothing.

Snapchat has added that treasure trove to its digital profile on your Daughter which you will never gain access to, no matter how hard you try to change the law and legislation that governs that law, the governments that enshrine that legislation in their bid to serve their masters, the corporate bad actors who create the anti-social media platforms you have all your Family photos buried within.

Personal Security

Which brings us to you.

As an adult you are, at last check likely to have read a sum total of 3 minutes of the privacy and personal security notices that popped up with the anti-social media applications you were adding to your smartphone. In reality, each notice would have taken you at least a few hours of reading and upon reflection had you read and understood the entire implications as to what you were giving away, you might not have loaded that application at all in the first place.

That was designed too. The bad actors already knew that what you were sold on was convenience, so a quick scroll and it was one click away from access nirvana.

After all, you claim, this is your primary contact with the many hundreds of friends you have in Facebook, Snapchat and 68 other applications on your always-on device. As a known feature for many of these applications, location tracking and monitoring of your own whereabouts gave you a sense of security because if ‘they’ knew where you were then there was less likely a chance of your safety and personal security being compromised.

So, within the ‘likes’ and the string of affirmations you gave and received from others there was an almost certain sense of where to go for solace when your Daughter passed. The sad fact is the eulogy you created in that digital photo slideshow was gathered from the same photos your daughters best friend gave you access to as the legacy contact for your Daughter’s anti-social media account.


Just like the ticketless parking you now experience when you go shopping at the local shrine of capitalism, so too are the benefits of ‘checking-in’ via anti-social media and snapping a selfie in aisle 6 next to the diet products you claim to be eating.

Again, the claims that you had ‘gone to pieces’ since your Daughters untimely passing needed a counteract. With no prospects of grandchildren the future became bleak and in your search for meaning, you noted that every ninety seconds you found yourself responding to those notifications that flashed from your handbag, skirt pocket, kitchen benchtop and pillow case.

So intuitive, you wondered whether the advertisements were designed precisely for you every day. The conversations you were having at home, at the shops, in confidence with your friends all seemed to inform what you were going through and ultimately, as you dismissed it, where you were heading too in your own self discovery journey.

Very convenient you thought at the time.


On returning home that day you discovered a note under your door from your next door neighbour informing you that they had decided after two years of agitated and anxious conversations ‘which we apologise must have disrupted you at times’ that they had sold the home and had moved interstate.

In that moment of silence as you sat on the lounge you realised that couldn't recall any heated discussions coming from next door, nor had anyone in the street you live in every coming and speaking with you about the loss of your Daughter. There was that one old lady down the street who had remarked to you once on your walk with your dog around the block how beautiful an evening it was, but that's about it.

When you cast your mind back to balmy nights as a child you recalled the bustle on the streets of kids playing with each other whilst their parents chatted avidly with each other. In the last decade all you can recall is the sound of the automated garage door going down and the feeling of relief as you sunk into the armchair, smartphone in hand and scrolled through four hours of other people's lives.

Memory you once considered sacrosanct and in your own mind is now owned as the events in time, place, proximity to and with whom that the anti-social media plays back to you as ‘moments’.


That night after two-too-many red wines you decided, after watching your Daughter’s life playing out through one of her friends feeds that had forgotten to delete you as ‘that trendy Mother’ before Snapchat took over, you deleted the Facebook app from your smartphone.

In a moment of euphoria you returned to the refrigerator only to find you had run out of coffee to make even though you knew it would keep you awake and disrupt your employer the following day. Siri couldn't find an answer to your question so you fumbled through the first screen and noticed Facebook missing.

A brief moment of panic and Google helped you locate the closest 24 hour mini-mart. The pop up from Instagram had you perplexed only long enough to sell you an Oak Triple Shot that you chugged down in the car. Fiona pinged you with a message through Facebook Messenger asking you if you were ok? What have I done to deserve being deleted from your Facebook friends list.

Three things happened the following day after your fitful sleep that would change your life forever. You realised firstly that Facebook owns most of what you communicate through, that Google is where you go for anything and everything that Amazon cant sell you and that everywhere you now go you find an opportunity to leave the smartphone in the car as you walk alongside the river and avoid appearing in the photos of couples and small dogs.

Then you looked up and noticed the gimbal surveillance camera swing to face you.


All characters mentioned in this article are entirely fictitious. If you are currently experiencing distress as a result of your interactions through anti-social media, turn to your best friends and seek out a time to meet them in person and have a coffee with them. Be aware your movements and theirs are being tracked, monitored and manipulated and therein lies the most important revelation of all.

We are all collectively in control of the bad actors who are losing a grip on our lives.

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